Age Dysphoria Is A Thing

If gender dysphoria is a thing, then surely age dysphoria can be considered a ‘thing’ too … and I think I may suffer from it. I don’t identify with my chronological age. I still like to wear ripped jeans and converse trainers. I like to do handstands, drink espresso martinis (usually not at the same time) and occasionally I choose to stay out dancing til 2am. (but more often than not I’m in bed by 9.45 … #keepingitreal). I have no intention of lowering my hemline, wearing orthopedic shoes or taking up river cruising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m under no illusion that I look 25 and nor do I aspire to; but I’m just not ready to surrender to the vagaries of middle age. If you can choose to be gender fluid, then why can’t we be generationally fluid?

In many ways I feel as though I’m just hitting my straps. I feel confident, optimistic and excited for my next adventure (bring on my golden gap year). I’m raring to go! I have no intention of becoming irrelevant or old and stodgy and it seems as though I’m not alone. US internet entrepreneur, Gina Pell (49) has coined the term ‘perennial’ to describe people with this generationally blurred mindset. Pell explains, “Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology and have friends of all ages. We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident and global-minded risk takers who understand that age is not a limiting factor. We comprise an inclusive, enduring mind-set, not a divisive demographic. Millennials can be Perennials. Octogenarians can be Perennials. Even children can be Perennials. It’s all about mindset and no longer about a one-dimensional timeline that runs from birth to death.”

Yay. Finally a label that echoes the sentiment of optimism that many of us feel. Gen X (and all it’s banal and clichéd stereotypes) is so 2017. Lets embrace the everlasting fabulousness of ‘The Perennials.’ Being a perennial has nothing to do with how you look … it’s a mindset … a belief that we will continue to be and stay relevant, remain open minded, keep reinventing ourselves and live life fully, sans generational boundaries. #GOUS

I’ve had a bit of time on my pat malone recently to ponder the status of my own ‘perennial’ reinvention and one thing has become abundantly clear. I’ve realised that without the discipline of a strict schedule I can be impressively unproductive. I had all these grand plans and I have literally achieved zippo. I think I’m so used to working to a military like agenda that the absence of one has left me feeling a bit lost at sea. I’ve also realised that it’s hard to get motivated to cook for one, and I may well develop scurvy if I keep substituting dinner for avocado and cheese ryvitas. So with these insightful pearls of wisdom in mind, I’m doing what I do best. I’m formulating a plan in the form of a ‘to do’ list. I’m calling it my “50 by 50.” The fifty things I want to achieve before I turn the big five OH … which by the way is just a number and kind of irrelevant now that I’m an ever blooming perennial! I’ll share my list (in case you’re interested … or want a big belly laugh).

  • Jen Monty
    Posted at 10:36h, 17 January Reply

    My sentiments exactly Ang!! Yayyy!!! I’m about to turn 57 and have just celebrated my son’s 30th dancing until 3am in high heels (feet were a little puffy the following couple of days however!!)
    I too love my ripped jeans, maxi skirts with flat angle boots and I especailly love espresso martini’s!
    I’m really happy to have stumbled across your blogg Ang, Thank You! you made me smile and giggle today x

    • Ang I Am
      Posted at 07:25h, 18 January Reply

      Hi Jen … Sounds like we’re ‘birds of a feather’ I’m glad you’ve found my blog too and so glad that what I’m saying resonates with you … lets keep dancing (and drinking espresso martini’s for the next 50 years!) Ang x

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