Ang I Am is on the move

I Have News … Ang I Am is on the move

Hello friends,

After a lengthy hiatus from Ang I Am (code for blogging dry spell) … I am excited to let you know that I am launching a new story-sharing platform on substack called Coming of Sage.  All my new stories, will now reside at this address … but fear not… the vibe remains unchanged…  to share stories inspired by my observations of, and questions about life… in the middle. Usually amusing but sometimes serious(ish).

Coming of Sage also happens to be the working title of my manuscript (which I’ve been editing for approximately a kazillion years as a way of avoiding my ‘inner introverts’ idea of living hell… aka pitching.) This book (yet to be birthed) explores my quest to redefine midlife from a crisis to a calling. Part memoir, part roadmap, part cautionary tale and part clarion call, it tells a story that is uniquely mine, but also echoes the zeitgeist of a generation of ‘midlifers’ who do not prescribe to the myth of midlife as the onset of decline… and who like me are not in the market for ‘sensible’, ‘beige’, ‘elasticised’ or ‘dependable’ anything.

Through the stories I share, I hope you’ll be able to extract something that helps you to connect dots, make sense of this crazy world, or just have a cackle at my expense. Because the thing is, we all have stories to tell, and we can all learn from each other’s. And that is one of the magical things about stories. They make us realise that we’re not alone. They connect us.

The Ang I Am mailing list (to which you subscribed) will now shift over to Coming of Sage. As a subscriber, you will receive TWO (fabulous and meticulously crafted) free stories per month delivered directly to your inbox (from which you can opt out at any time… no questions asked) … not even one.

If two stories ‘wet your whistle’ and leave you wanting more, then you’ll also have the option to become a paid subscriber (and get more!) Because even though I love writing stories, it does take a lot of time. So, to be able to devote my time to writing… and to justify this as an actual profession to my accountant (who seems to be of the opinion that I should get a real job that might actually pay the bills,) I need to earn a few dollars. (At least enough to pay aforementioned sceptical accountant).

If you do opt to become a paid subscriber. For just $6 AUD/month (about the cost of an almond latte’ but way tastier) … you’ll receive the two free subscriber stories PLUS two additional paid subscriber stories every month …one of which will be a juicy excerpt from my manuscript reserved for my inner sanctum. That’s 4 stories per month…  delivered straight to your inbox. PLUS …. You’ll also receive my endless and boundless love and gratitude … #pricless.

That’s the end of my cringey sales pitch. No need to make any decisions now, but keep an eye out for my first story in your inbox this Thursday.

Truth be told whether you opt for a paid subscription or a free one, I’m just chuffed that you’re here.

Anyhoo …. That’s enough from me. Let’s do this.

Ang x

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